ADDICTION_A Habitual Standpoint!

Every human has something unique he can do. Often times we tend to develop new habits from circumstances surrounding us. The human brain and body physiology amazingly adapt fast to exposed conditions. When we learn new experiences, the brain processes and gores them to the sub-conscious mind for storage. In the event(s) of future manifestation of same or similar process, the sub-conscious being reproduces the previously stored event; and power of adaptability of the human body physiology is demonstrated in the outward expression of the conscious being unconsciously.
This is why sometimes you already committed the act before realising it.

Over time, if these learned habits/experiences are not properly checked; could become permanently or otherwise strongly part of the individual’s habit (perpetual habit). In which case we talk about ‘habit addiction’.

Addiction is inability to refuse/forfeit/ignore a habit.
It is expressed in hardened drunkards, smokers, prostitutes (commercial sex workers).
Lust is also a form of addition such that you can’t help it when you see a woman.

In recent times, drug addition has become less an issue of concern as ‘pornography’. Youths and teenagers have developed unquenchable pleasures for porn.
Some of those who indulge in this act are socially, morally and spiritually aware of the indecency and dangers lurking around the awful habit by find it hard to abandon while wading through ignorantly approving dangerous complacency for moral and spiritual decadence.

The current trend in fashion has greatly affected the essence of dressing. We are supposed to ‘dress to cover nakedness’; but the trend now is ‘dress to entice’.

Fashion is destroying the virtues of life.
To curb this ugly situation, all hands must be on deck.

You are influenced by what you accustom yourself to.
Develop good habits and be the change you want to see!

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