The world’s most famous pop star -Michael Jackson, once composed a fantastic song with the central message being: “heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me; and for the entire human race.”

Passionate and convincing message you may say.

Since the era of civilisation, human has being struggling, utilising all available resources with the quest to combating global menace and hence, ensuring peaceful co-habitation amongst all human kind.

Over the years, ironic to the aim of the combined efforts toward restructuring the world and of course making it a better place to live in, there have been incessant increase in global terrorism, corruption, to mention but a few.

The reality thus is that human efforts can not and will not ensure eradication of the various global issues.
More so, the creator of the universe had forewarned that all this will happen at the time the world is about to be destroyed.
Mention was made in the Holy Bible concerning earthquakes in diverse parts, wars and rumours of war, increase in knowledge, deadly diseases, and so on.

What we should do: turn to the saviour, amend your ways and live right.


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