The could be a building where a group of Christians meet to worship.
The term is also used literally to mean an assembly of believers walking and practising the acts and lifestyle of Christ.

The establishment and growth of the church including the practices of the believers are recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. The goal of the early church was the accomplishments of God’s charge and commission to them, and indeed to all believers.

In Matt. 28:19, 20 Jesus charged the disciples to go everywhere preaching and making disciples of all nations.
The centre of the gospel of Christ is to reconcile us with God.
As children of the Kingdom, we are equally charged to do same.

The love of money, desires of the flesh and the enemy’s tricks have diverted the attention of many from this great commission.
The church has become a business venture where every pastor, founder or what a view is the potential entrepreneur.

Prosperity has become the centre of sermons, signs and wonders seem to be strategies to pull members.

What has happened to the church founded by the early apostles; which Jesus spoke about, “the gate of hell shall not prevail against”?

The Church is sick! The church has been swallowed by our own inordinate affections.

What do we need the many places of worship for, if we all serve Christ truthfully?
Why would everyone wants to be an overseer?

What in the world happened to our sensitivity to sin?

We are heading toward doom church!

The church needs sanctification, total cleansing; where we all can worship God in truth and in spirit.

The people don’t need the church, they need Christ.
Prosperity is not the issue, salvation is.

Christ should be given His rightful place as ‘the overseer’ and the Holy Spirit the liberty to operate.

Men should seek Gods face and not man’s praises.

Repent everyone and be converted…. Only then will we seek God out of a pure heart.

O! Lord, Heal Your Church.

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