The END of Days- When Will It Be?

All men everywhere seems to be canvassing for change, making the world a better place. But man’s inhumanity to man will never make this feasible.

God the creator of Heaven and the Earth, and everything therein, made the world a peaceful, violent-free place for mankind but sin altered His divine plan for us.
Since the inception of sin, evil has continued to emanate in different degrees and have being terrorising the peace of man continually. Man’s efforts to curb/ salvage the menace have not yielded fruit.

Did I sound awkward in an ealier post where I disclosed that “the world’s situations can never get better”?

Before you criticise/ condemn me, read your Bible well and pray the Holly Spirit for understanding.

Evil practices have continued to metamorphose into various forms on a daily basis. The fruit of Sin eaten by Adam and Eve made them discoverd their nakedness. God in His infinite mercy made provision to cover their nudity. Since then, the essence of dressing has been to cover our nakedness.
Satan in his continuous fight against the Children of God, and of course against the growth of the church is using various strategies to pollute the minds of people, even Christians. One way he does this is through the media, including the movie and Music industries. Indecency among celebrities is capturing the hearts of the youths so very fast.
The current trend is ‘dress to entice/ seduce’.
Every now and the celebrities are seen here and there in bikinis, in public places.

Pornography has eaten up the hearts of people, it is becoming very acceptable in homes. The media through music, films and magazines encourage nudity.
We are drowning in moral decadence. We have lost our moral values. Things that used to be done secretly are now being done publicly with no remorse.

How is the world then becoming better? I ask!

God created man and saw that it was not good for man to live alone, without a helper, so He created Eve. Man and woman He created them (this is the institution of marriage). Even the animals- male and female He created them.

The foolishness of man has driven him to complete insanity. He now desires to be with same sex- man and man (gay marriage), woman and woman (lesbianism) living together as contrary to God’s design and will…. God have mercy.

How awkward it will be, should we see a male dog chasing another male dog for sex!

Man who says he is striving to make the world a better place, rather than condemning this bizarre act, is the one campaigning that the entire human race legalised it. What a world!

Prostitution is an act every sane person frowns at. Since the beginning of time, it’s been considered as morally unacceptable. In order to make it socially acceptable, it’s been coined as ‘commercial sex work’. The blending did work, didn’t it? Prostitutes are no longer treated with disdain, rather are celebrated.

God is the creator of life. He giveth it us freely and taketh in due time. Thus, He did not give us the power/ freedom to take another man’s life. As a matter of facts, He strongly condemns the act. It is sinful before him. He punished Cain (the first murderer recorded in the Bible) for killing His brother, Abel; and so He will punish any one who engages in that act.
Life begins at conception. It is not until the child is born. Therefore, taking the life of a day old child is murder, same as killing a 100 years old man.
Abortion therefore should not be son-free act. If a man who murders a 25 years old human is jailed, same should apply to someone who aborts pregnancy. But instead, abortion is considered no crime. This, in the long run only encourages fornication and adultery.

The evils that men do has continued to shower nemesis upon them. There has being outbreaks of deadly diseases over time, as a result of our sinful habits.

Christ did prophesied that in the END TIME things like these will happen.
Nations rising against nations, father against son, earthquakes, perilous times, outbreaks of diseases and farmine, increase in evil practices are some of His prophesied in Mathew 24.

Apostle Paul in 2Timothy 3, highlighted the signs of the end.

This is the issue, incase you are still not aware: THE END TIME IS HERE ALREADY.

Accept Jesus today!4


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