How could you ask someone to wash off the dust in his eyes whereas there are pebbles in your eyes?

How can you spark up hope in a dispirited fellow while you are yet hopeless?

You offered to take me places you’ve never been to.

How could you steer up the greatness in someone yet you’re full of doubts?

How can i lead you, i don’t know the way.

You condemn murderers, yet have committed several abortion.

You blame people for their wrongs; you have never been right anyway.

You discipline others for corrupt practices, you were bribed the other day to bend the law.

You frowned at him for deceiving you, yet you are never honest.

You excommunicated the two for Fornication, but you perpetually lust after that choir member.

Whatever is wrong has no other way to describe it. Polish it, coin it whichever way; it’s still wrong.
Before you judge, check up.

Only God’s grace keeps us standing; we’re not perfect after all.


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