rUN aND nEVer Look bACK!

A little slumber, a little endulgement, a little folding of the arms.
The opportunity the enemy seeks in the life of a Christian is only a little slumbering.

Opportunity to sin will surely show up here and there, never you give in.

A little hesitation, a little procrastination; and time takes you unaware.
Voices will beckon on you to belong. Tricks will be played on you. You’ll be enticed to besetting sins. Tell this one lie and redeem the ugly situation, come with us all see you’ll be left all alone to yourself.

You’re a vibrant, energetic and attractive youth, why act like old fashion? Go get yourself a companion; you don’t have to be like others who keep more than one girlfriends/boyfriends, just one to stick to.

This is no bribe, it’s called sorting, everyone does that to pass; why be the odd one out?

This is you and you alone to yourself, no one will know should you view one or two pornography pages.

II Timothy 2:22_Flee also youthful lusts:…

Run! Run!! Run!!! And never look back.


One thought on “rUN aND nEVer Look bACK!

  1. never looking back till the expected result is attained

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