Good Gifts- That Much God Requires.

Numbers 7
Tells me how God appreciates offerings- good ones at that.
Of course, the old covenant teaches us how God’s people worshiped and appeased God.

The Israelites actually prepared themselves toward giving. Offering arrangements were never impromptu.
Guilt pounced on me while meditating on the passage for only on very few occasions have I prepared myself for offerings before days of worship.

I write this piece because am sure, many of us Christians are guilty and we need to change our attitudes toward the service of the Master’s vineyard.
We are often too occupied attending to life issues. We sometimes wake up before realising the was a day of worship. How about we wake up someday to realise the rapture had taken place? Change before it’s too late.

It’s true, God delights in offering but not so much as your obedience.
1Samuel 15:22 …to obey is better than sacrifice.

In as much, your faith in Christ will surely prompt you to give good gifts. For good deeds are the evidences of faith which is alive- James 2:14-18

Faith prompts you into action. One’s faith is justified by his works.

God delights so much in good gifts; such as that offered from a pure and joyful mind without grudging. Our sacrifices of praise, tue worships, helps given to the poor and needy are pleasant gifts to God.
He does not cherish your millions much as He finds pleasure in your obedience.

You have faith in God? You will surely do good works before the Master. You can never sit on the fence if your faith is genuine.


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