The journey of the Israelites out of Egypt portrays the Journey of of every christian of this contemporary time. Your journey from uncertainty into eternity begins the moment you forsake eventuality and embrace reality.

We are journeying out of the world into Heaven.

The christian pilgrimage is characterised by surmounting difficulties and challenges. Obstacle, untold hardship and hindrances lurk around at various points along the path of eternity. They are not meant to break us, but to prove our faith.

The people of Jericho, when they learnt of the presence of the Israelites were filled with terror. In order to prevent the progress of the Israelites, they became an obstacle. The gate of the city was shut to deny the Israelites access into the city. In so doing, they hindered themselves; as they would neither go too.

There are enemies today that would place themselves under a curse to affect. So long as they don’t make progress, you won’t either.

The option the Israelites had was to pull down the thick wall of Jericho. This they did by praising God. The sound of their joyful praises did it for them.

By prayer and praises you can pull down every wall of Jericho the enemies have erected to hinder your progress.

At the read sea, the Israelites encountered a seemingly impossibility. Before them was the red sea, behind was pharaoh and his chariots. Should they go forward, they would perish in the sea. Should they turn back, pharaoh would have no mercy upon them.
They looked unto themselves but no one could help, they looked to Moses, he was helpless himself. But when Moses cried out unto God; God created a dry path through the great sea and destroyed their enemies in the same sea afterwards.

When we look up to God, our problems are solved. Call upon Him and He’ll break every yoke and make you.

Gideon Bernard’s eXceptional Blog.



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