The Tongue Gift

Man’s fall from God’s presence in the garden of Eden created a gap between God and man. Human efforts could not bridge that gap; but God in His infinite mercy provide the means through His begotten Son – Jesus.

Jesus came into the world to rescue us. He loves mankind so much that He wouldn’t want any to perish. At His depature, He entrusted the great commission of RECONCILIATION into the hands of the disciples and indeed all believers.

The account of Acts 2 points out the unity all people everywhere have in God through the Holy Spirit. It is a reversal of Babel incidence where language of the heathen was split (division).

Our commission, as christians is to reconcile people of every human race through the Holy Spirit unto God.

At the time the foundation of ‘The Church’, there was a problem of language difference. The gift of speaking in tongues was bestowed on the disciples so they could minister to people of all languages in their tongues.

The gift of tongues is to unite us all in God through the Holy Spirit.
Language should not be a barrier to your salvation and ministry.

Gideon Bernard’s eXceptional Blog.


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