The Chance in Every Challenge

Life could sometimes be harsh, still you have to live it. Obstacles are not meant to break you but to make you.

Life may be boring sometimes, you don’t have to end it. Difficulties are not meant to destroy you but build you.

Life could be tough sometimes, face it with courage. Trials are not meant to tear you but train you.

Life could be messy sometimes, move on. Adversities are not meant to varnish you; they come with added advantages.

Life could be pain sometimes, bear it. Oppressions are not meant to end your quest, they pose opportunities.

Life could be disappointing sometimes, be patient with. Delay is not denial.

Life may be harsh sometimes, smile with it still. Predicaments should not make you run afoul of the law.

Challenges are not meant to crush you, but create chance. Face life with tenacity.

There is a chance in every challenge.

Gideon Bernard’s eXceptional Blog.


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