tHE fOOLIshness oF mAN’s wISDom

Scientific discoveries have been able to unveil many controversial phenomena and off course proferred answers to several rather (or seemingly) controversial questions.

For instance, geography has been able to prove that the earth is spherical in shape, astronomy says there are nine planets with other celestial bodies; there are many other scientific discoveries to solve life’s many challenges.

The more time we spend trying to understand all of them, the more we wonder from God’s presence.

The theory of evolution says that many years ago, small particles come together to form protoplasm, the first form of life. Years after years, this (protoplasm) changed into fish, later to lung fish. Due to environmental changes, the fish developed muscular limbs to overcome such challenge as drought.
Overtime, the animal keep evolving into differrent forms until man finally came up.

Humanly, it seems rather logical; but put more thought to it.

If you were told that your blackberry phone, iPhone, android or whatever gadget came into being by the small pieces gathering together over a long period of time piece by piece, would you believe that.
We all believe that something/ or someone’s intelligence has created it, right?

How come we find it so difficult to believe the creation of man, but no, we would rather welcome the evolutionist’s view. It seems more logical, right?

God created man in His likeness and for His glory. Every other things came to be through the words of His mouth.
But man, He stooped down and craftly created him. That He should live as head (care taker) to every other creature; and to glorify Him.

Questions for the atheists: the earth we believe to be spherical in shape, how come we don’t skid off into space as it rotates, gravity? Definitely not, for even gravity loose its grip when an object is tilted.
Something powerful must be holding us up- God. The air we breath, who made it? God!
It is believed that as a living being, one must eventually die; true, many are dead already but what becomes of them? Does life just end at that point?
Who made the universe itself? Even if the earth is believed to have resulted from chemical reactions in the sun, where do the chemicals come from; who made the sun? It all point to no where else but God.

Seasons don’t just come to be, they were specially planned out by someone so powerful and wise – God.

How about the earth hanging freely in space, is there still a gravitational force holding up the whole earth?
Of course not, but God’s power is.

Back to evolution, if the theory were so true, how long more do we wait to change into a different form; or is human the climax of evolution? Man has been in existence for millions of years but has not changed form as the theory supposes.

Since i was born, the mosquito I’ve known is the same as that described by my grand parents.
So many great books have been written but non can be compared to the BIBLE. Because, the Bible contain the mind of God; it is inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16).

JESUS is the ONLY answer to all life’s questions!

Once again, God’s design and purpose: God made man in His image to be head/ superior over other creatures. He created the woman afterwards to keep the man company. Then He instituted marriage that man an woman come together as one and bear children.

But man, so wise so foolish says God was wrong in His design. Inordinate affections set in. Man desires man, woman to woman. Then you begin to wonder, what happens to child bearing? Science say don’t worry, assisted reproductory technology (ART) is the answer; where children are incubated in tubes, or sperms artificially inseminated. Or other options as the employment of a surrogate mother.

With these, biology of true parenthood is eliminated, blood line is interfered, true child love is destroyed, family lineage is hampered. We become like plants, even worse off.
Animals behave better and more sensible. For never have I seen a male dog chasing after another male dog for sexual pleasure.

God made everything perfect as they are; man’s efforts to alter His purpose bring out the foolishness in man.
Science and technology have brought about many danger overtime. This shows how unreliable man’s design is, and will continue to be.

We should turn to God, for His purpose for us is to bring us to an expected end.
John 3:16, Romans 10: 8-10.

Don’t be wise in your own conceit, for the wisdom of man is foolishness before God.

Gideon Bernard’s eXceptional Blog.


2 thoughts on “tHE fOOLIshness oF mAN’s wISDom

  1. Ayokunle Adesomoju

    Bravo! Good reasoning good write up.
    Keep it up bro.

  2. So tru bro…bt d problm s dt: most ppl r movd by wt dey see instead of wt dey believe(faith)

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