Why Call Me a Christian?



Christianity irrespective of dictionary definition goes beyond belonging to a particular group of persons; gathering and worshipping God on sundays. It is not contained in the publicised proclamations.

Religious men often get emotionally excited or inclined when worshipping their gods.

You don’t become a christian by participating in any form of religious ceremony, taking an oath or any form of registration.

Christianity is not merited based on qualifications or attaining some levels/ ranks. You don’t become a christian because you have been in a church as a member for some whiles. You are not a christian because men absorbed you for a skill or talent you have.

There is no price tag on christian status. It is not obtained by money. How much you have committed is a waste (useless) in the absence of genuine salvation. Acts 8:19-23

Christianity is not impression, it is not self-centred.

Christianity is an act. A constant practice that is perpetually expressed as a habit.

God created all things and made man superior over them all. His love for mankind has been demonstrated right from creation. All things came into being through the words of His mouth; but man, He stooped down and made him in His (God’s) image.
Sin separated man from God and the smooth relationship was disconnected.
Jesus came again to re-unite man with God by bridging the gap. He came that the lost might be found. So many persons are still ignorant of this essence.

We who believe in Christ have received the benefit (power) to become God’s children. John 1 :12.

The christians are people who are lead by the Spirit of God.

Man is helpless. Self righteous, religious practices and human efforts cannot redeem him.
Recognising the work of salvation done by the Lord Jesus Christ; accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour and submitting to His power gives you the privilege and right to become God’s child.

Once you submit your life to the Lord, the Holy Spirit of God comes in, takes away your sins (II Corinthians 5:17), sanctifies you and guide you to do what God likes (John 16:13).

God is Spirit (john 4:24); that means that He is everywhere. You don’t have to go to some special place to seek Him (John 4:21).
He is there where you are now: if you confess your sins and acknowledge Him as your Lord and Saviour, He’ll hear you and accept you as His child. Romans 10:8-10

A christian is one who is submissive to the power and leadership of the Spirit of God. He acts like Christ, is heavenly minded and committed to ‘the great commission of reconciliation; by reaching out to the perishing and bringing them to the fold.
He is protected and cared for by God Himself (Luke 10:19).
Are you a christian yet?

Jesus Loves YOU (John 3:16)!

Jesus loves you!


3 thoughts on “Why Call Me a Christian?

  1. Good Creativity! Pls share more

  2. Akomolafe Seyi

    Christianity goes beyond a religion as seen by many people. Its a way of life, a way of reconnecting us back to our Creator. Its a reconciliation and restoration of man to God. Being called a Christian should be a thing of pride to us and not the other way round. Why be ashamed to be Called a Christian ? Is it about what people will say or what we will pass trough ? Let that not bother us, rather Looking unto Jesus our Saviour and Advocate.I pray that God Almighty will count us worthy of His Glory. 2 cor. 4 vs 17-18

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