There’s no One Compared to My Saviour.

Who in life
With courage can stand;
Beholding death iminent
Yet boldly proclaim?
With wisdom abating untimely death,
Creator, chastised by His creature.
O What a sorrow!
Perfect and pure,
Spotless and sincere.
Rejected of His own,
Yet advocating for them.

Railing and wailing for their sins;
Yet non regard Him.
Falsely accused by those He came to save;
Yet he pleads their course.
Who can be compared to Him?
Surely there’s like YOU!

A King in His Kingdom,
The prince of peace;
He who despises sins,
Yet came to rescue His in this filthy world of sin.
Took on flesh,
To share in the eperience of man.
Willingly we swayed,
Graciously He saves.
He died that I may live;
By His stripe am healed.
He rose from the dead;
Surely, there’s non like HIM.