Why Do You Serve God?


Why do you serve God the way you do? Out of curiosity or simply that you have no choice?
Why be a christian, for the simple reasons that you were born into a christian home or may be that you love the service of the church, or just to obey your parents injunctions.

To some, religious practices appeal to them more than the essence of life. For me, I still can’t accept Christianity as a religion but a conviction that am helpless without my maker. And the realisation that the divine relationship between the creator and the c creatures have been annihilated by the single act of disobedience; much so that the only means to enjoying God’s rule over man is through the vicarious death of His begotten Son Jesus Christ, I am therefore resolved to following Christ.

Why be a Muslim? That you were born into an Islamic home, or that you simply enjoy the mode of religious practice?
Why serve God really? To fulfill a pattern laid down by the people before or because you are sure of a certain future with Him.

Are you convinced that we are not just living to fill the earth, but sourjorning in a temporal abode. We will die each one of us some day.
Death does not mark the end but a transformation from this phase of life into the next.
Two destinies await man- heaven or hell.
Make your conviction right and serve God in truth and Spirit.


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