Timing the End of Times

End time, the end of all times
A period for new beginning
Halting the activities of men
Giving way for a different course.
Showcasing obvious redefinition of power and authority; (Rev 21:1-6)
The activities of man has been indeed but in discrete times.


End time, the summation of life
Beginning from time immemorial
Mortality giving way for immortality
Corruption varnishing for re-institution of perfection
The creator Exhibiting His Sovereignty, Christ ruling as King of Peace.

End time, how long shall we expect thee?
Long since infant hood, your proclamation has been affirmed!
Should I sway a little, champion a new course,
Perhaps in a much later time
When you shall finally surface
Then I should retrace my steps.

End time, the pondering over thy time
A prophecy that must be fulfilled,
Or maybe a proclamation in delusion! (Rev 20:11-15)
If only you shall surely take place,
Then men should love themselves more than God (2Timothy 3:1-16)
Money and life’s affairs should appeal to men more than the work of the vineyard
Are you hear already, I wonder!

End time, oh at your prime
Evils will lurk around every where
Diverse incurable diseases, earthquake, disagreements between father and son, war among nations and various kinds of perils (Matt 24:4-8)
People loosing interests in truth
Pleased with what they wish to hear (2Timothy 4:3,4)
And so heap for themselves false teacher.
Oh! Already happening! It is time.

End time, the end of all times
Indeed you are here with men
But in ignorance they wallow in unprofitable exuberance
Wishing they could hold up your arm
For a little slumbering and fulfilment of vanity
But the few who indeed are wise

Why not turn to Christ now, tomorrow may never come John 3:16


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