Upholding the Ancient Landmark

Our thirsts and desires for the Western culture have eaten deep into our Christian practices. The wind that blows that blows from the West has adulterated the pure gospel we received of old.

  • We no longer care about what we wear to the house of God;
  • Speaking in tongues has become the yardstick for measuring spirituality;
  • What we do or how we go about them no longer matter so long as we are faithful in tithing, seed offering, funding Church projects, etc;
  • Prosperity in the physical matters (materialistic) appeals more than prosperity in spiritual matters.

We care for the things which profit less and neglect those which are weightier.

We struggle to compete in the course of the world (world system) and heap up troubles for our souls. If we be faithful in the estate which God had committed into our hands, we will find comfort; and the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

It is time the church look back and retrace the old time way, for the ancient landmark we must not remove. Let’s preach and practice the Gospel as true Christians.