?Will Your Work Abide

​Fading away like the stars of the morning,

Losing their light in the glorious sun—

Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,

Only remembered by what we have done.

Only remembered, only remembered,

Only remembered by what we have done;

Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,

Only remembered by what we have done.
Shall we be missed though by others succeeded,

Reaping the fields we in springtime have sown?

No, for the sowers may pass from their labors,

Only remembered by what they have done.
Only the truth that in life we have spoken,

Only the seed that on earth we have sown;

These shall pass onward when we are forgotten,

Fruits of the harvest and what we have done.


Upholding the Ancient Landmark

Our thirsts and desires for the Western culture have eaten deep into our Christian practices. The wind that blows that blows from the West has adulterated the pure gospel we received of old.

  • We no longer care about what we wear to the house of God;
  • Speaking in tongues has become the yardstick for measuring spirituality;
  • What we do or how we go about them no longer matter so long as we are faithful in tithing, seed offering, funding Church projects, etc;
  • Prosperity in the physical matters (materialistic) appeals more than prosperity in spiritual matters.

We care for the things which profit less and neglect those which are weightier.

We struggle to compete in the course of the world (world system) and heap up troubles for our souls. If we be faithful in the estate which God had committed into our hands, we will find comfort; and the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

It is time the church look back and retrace the old time way, for the ancient landmark we must not remove. Let’s preach and practice the Gospel as true Christians.

Timing the End of Times

End time, the end of all times
A period for new beginning
Halting the activities of men
Giving way for a different course.
Showcasing obvious redefinition of power and authority; (Rev 21:1-6)
The activities of man has been indeed but in discrete times.


End time, the summation of life
Beginning from time immemorial
Mortality giving way for immortality
Corruption varnishing for re-institution of perfection
The creator Exhibiting His Sovereignty, Christ ruling as King of Peace.

End time, how long shall we expect thee?
Long since infant hood, your proclamation has been affirmed!
Should I sway a little, champion a new course,
Perhaps in a much later time
When you shall finally surface
Then I should retrace my steps.

End time, the pondering over thy time
A prophecy that must be fulfilled,
Or maybe a proclamation in delusion! (Rev 20:11-15)
If only you shall surely take place,
Then men should love themselves more than God (2Timothy 3:1-16)
Money and life’s affairs should appeal to men more than the work of the vineyard
Are you hear already, I wonder!

End time, oh at your prime
Evils will lurk around every where
Diverse incurable diseases, earthquake, disagreements between father and son, war among nations and various kinds of perils (Matt 24:4-8)
People loosing interests in truth
Pleased with what they wish to hear (2Timothy 4:3,4)
And so heap for themselves false teacher.
Oh! Already happening! It is time.

End time, the end of all times
Indeed you are here with men
But in ignorance they wallow in unprofitable exuberance
Wishing they could hold up your arm
For a little slumbering and fulfilment of vanity
But the few who indeed are wise

Why not turn to Christ now, tomorrow may never come John 3:16

Why Should I Fear!

By thee have I been holden up from the womb: thou art he that took me out of my mother’s bowel: my praise shall be continually of thee. Psalm 71: 6


All praise to God, he alone decided and created mankind. No body else did he take counsel with before creating you.
Indeed we were shapen in iniquity for we are by nature, descendants of the first man- Adam. Hence were under captivity tobogganing to eternal destruction.
The CREATOR, so merciful and kind has thus with prepared a way of escape by the way of salvation provided through the vicarious death of His begotten Son.

We are therefore, no longer in captivity but free in Christ.
Of course we live in an evil world, and agents of the evil ones will continue to perpetuate evil. But their roaring should not throw us into dispair knowing that we have the most high who is our strong refuge.

It doesn’t matter what god your forefathers served, but it thus matter that you are bought with the precious blood of Christ. When you were formed, they were not consulted, neither were they responsible for your development in your mother’s womb. Above all, we have the knowledge that it is God and He alone brought you out into this world, and that for a divine purpose.

And for an assurance He said:
Harken to me, O house of Jacob and all the remnant of the house of Israel, which are borne by Mr from the belly which are carried from the womb.
And even yo your old age I am he; even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you. Isaiah 46:3, 4

Indeed our God is able, and will do that which He has promised.
No man, or whatsoever can contend with the Most High and stand. Indeed He can not be liken to any god (Isaiah 46:5).
Put all your trust in Him.

But then, you must ensure you’re no longer in slavery to sin and flesh.
Fear not them that can only hurt the body but cannot touch you (your soul).
Be rest assured, God is aware of everything happening around you…Matt 10: 26, 30, 31.

Why Do You Serve God?


Why do you serve God the way you do? Out of curiosity or simply that you have no choice?
Why be a christian, for the simple reasons that you were born into a christian home or may be that you love the service of the church, or just to obey your parents injunctions.

To some, religious practices appeal to them more than the essence of life. For me, I still can’t accept Christianity as a religion but a conviction that am helpless without my maker. And the realisation that the divine relationship between the creator and the c creatures have been annihilated by the single act of disobedience; much so that the only means to enjoying God’s rule over man is through the vicarious death of His begotten Son Jesus Christ, I am therefore resolved to following Christ.

Why be a Muslim? That you were born into an Islamic home, or that you simply enjoy the mode of religious practice?
Why serve God really? To fulfill a pattern laid down by the people before or because you are sure of a certain future with Him.

Are you convinced that we are not just living to fill the earth, but sourjorning in a temporal abode. We will die each one of us some day.
Death does not mark the end but a transformation from this phase of life into the next.
Two destinies await man- heaven or hell.
Make your conviction right and serve God in truth and Spirit.

Your Compass

Are we motivated by sight or by faith?
Are we guided by emotions or by Christ?
Are we made by circumstances or by The Word?
Are we ruled by light or by excesses?
Are you known by God or by men of God?
Are you in the number?

Stand Tall!

Life can present bad omen, walk away;
People will cunningly pull you down, move on up anyway;
Negative sites and thoughts will call for your attention, step aside;
Corruption would want to get you involved, stand out;
Temptations and trials will greet your ways, hold on still;
Neglets and disregard will challenge your ability, don’t give in.

When you realise that your destiny is a function of your choice, then will you tap into the numerous possibilities greeted with hopes amidst all challenges that may come your way.

You can do it! Just put your trust in God; He’s reliable and He’ll take you there!